Adobe Interactive Waterfall
2017, London

As part of the Adobe Summit EMEA 2017, Taylor Bennett Partners designed a concept of an interactive digital waterfall. AV supplier Hawthorn reached out to Bild to create the vision where guests are invited to put a stick into the ‘water’ and watch it react to their touch. 

Bild created a system using a combination of the realtime visual engine Notch, mediaserver disguise/d3 and tracking technology Blacktrax;
Created in Notch, the waterfall stems from 64,000 particles that feed into additional fluid dynamics systems, resulting in the effect of abstract flowing water. Virtual "Repeller" objects displace the water exactly in the location of people's physical sticks, which have Blackrax tracker points attached. Finally, d3 renders the Notch scene in realtime based on tracking data, and maps the visuals to 4 auto-blended projectors.

Agency: Taylor Bennett Partners
Event Producer: Bimla Safka
AV-supplier/client: Hawthorn
Content design and visual engineering by: Bild
Realtime content software: Notch
Mediaserver: d3
Tracking system: Blacktrax, supplied by Another Space
Photos by: Gwil Hyws, Chris Pearson