Live Stage Augmented Reality
2017, Gothenburg

This research project presents the result of a 3-day workshop created by David Bajt from Bild, Notch and Mediatec, hosted at Mediatec in Gothenburg in December 2016.

The main aim for the workshop was to prove that augmented 3D content can be produced in real-time for a live show environment, where graphics are displayed on real video screens rather than composited on the broadcast output. Doing so involves tracking of cameras and stage objects, while at the same time producing real-time content based on the tracking input. In other words, not a single video file is played back and all camera movements are random and free-moving.

Content design by: Bild, Matt Swoboda, Jani Isoranta
Hosted at: Mediatec
Realtime content software: Notch
Camera tracking : NCAM
Objects & Person tracking : Blacktrax
Mediaserver d3
Photos by: David Bajt