2019, Glastonbury

Bild worked closely with the designers at Block9 to create the new IICON stage - a 65 foot tall interactive installation which debuted at Glastonbury Festival in 2019. Made of an animatronic head with digital eyes, IICON was designed to be "part gig, part club, part art installation, part theatre" and represents "a completely new way to experience music". 

With the large size and complexity of the stage, Bild provided the technical workflows, system engineering and onsite installation, where the disguise auto-calibration package OmniCal was used for the projector calibration.


Technical Workflow, System Installation, Onsite Engineering & Operation: Bild Studios
Creative Director, Concept and Production Design: Block9
Senior Notch Artist: Mike Wilson
VJ Content and Live Playback: Matteo Zamagni, Claudio Giambusso
Mediaservers: disguise