Rina Sawayama - Lucid
2020, MARS Volume

Bild produced and engineered the music video for Rina Sawayama's track 'Lucid', shot at our virtual production studio MARS Volume late summer of 2020.

The animation extraordinaies Real Good Liars created the concept and real-time graphics where the story follows the lonely millionaire pop star Rina entering a mysterious magical space where she meets and falls in love with the elusive dream world-version of herself. Creative director Dave Ferner envisioned an illustrative style in his storyboards of the enchanting animated dream world. Real Good Liars got into the design of the world, creating a colour script and blocking out the 3D environments. The scenes were built at a base level in Blender and then textured and lit in Notch for real-time rendering.

To execute the technically challenging production, the team at Bild unified a range of  technologies with camera tracking from Mo-Sys, real-time rendering from Notch and xR workflows by disguise.


Production & Engineering: Bild
Client: Dirty Hit / House of Us
Filmed at: MARS Volume
Design & Animation: Real Good Liars
Directors: Dave Ferner (Real Good Liars) & Ksenia Kulakova
Creative Director: Dave Ferner (Real Good Liars)
Director of Photography: James Medcraft
Editor: Una O'Sullivan
Product Manager: Tom Connick
Management: Caspar Harvey, Will Frost
Starring: Rina Sawayama
Content Platform: Notch
xR Workflows powered by: disguise
Camera-tracking: Mo-Sys Engineering
Camera supply: Focus24
Screen supply: 80six
Senior 3D Artist / Notch Designer: Dave Ferner
Junior 3D Artist: Cal Weir
Junior Notch Designers: Charlie Smith, Jamie Kenny