The Bomb
2016, New York

Premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, The Bomb is a cinematic, musical and immersive exploration of the history of nuclear weapons and the current threat they pose. The 55-minute film was projected 360 degrees on 30-foot-high screens that wrapped around the entire atrium of Gotham Hall - all while a live score performed by four-piece electro band The Acid is played in the center of the hall, providing an droning soundtrack.

Working closely with United Visual Artists's Design Director Ben Kreukniet, Bild was brought in to structure the content workflow, pre-program the show, plan the projection and lighting setup, design the d3 media server system, and install and operate the installation onsite.

Created by: Eric Schlosser and Smriti Keshari
Directed by: Kevin Ford
Staged by: United Visual Artists
Animations by: Stanley Donwood
Score by: The Acid
Technical producer: Mitsch Kirsch
Video consultant: Bild
Mediaserver: d3
Photos by: David Bajt and Nick Korompilas