Longleat Festival of Light
2016, Longleat Safari Park

Each winter Longleat safari park hosts its annual festival of light within the estates grounds. The centre peice of the festival is a festive projection mapped courtyard, and 20 meter high pixel mapped christmas tree. 

LCI Productions invited bild to provide technical workflows for mapping and controling each of the 66,624 artnet controlled RGB LED's. Bild worked with LCI to develop wiring schematics providing the manufacturers with information on exactly how to position the physical LED's onto the structure. Based on this we used a range of 3d modeling scripts to model each individual pixel in its exact real world position, additional scripts were then used to UV map the pixels into perfect grids. These were then imported into the 2x2 d3 server and addressed using the table screens feature. Following on from this we developed our own scripts to quickly produce and manage the addressing CSV files d3 uses to assign the artnet address to the UV shells. 

As a result, we were able to fully address and map the tree in just under 3 days.

Client: LCI Productions
End Client: Longleat Safari Park