Expo 2020 - The Al Wasl Dome 
2021, Dubai

World Expo 2020 presented an important opportunity for Dubai to excel on the global stage. Celebrating innovation and industry, the event is an opportunity for all nations to connect and share technical and commercial progress, showcasing world firsts in architecture, technology and the arts. 

The centerpiece of the Dubai Expo is the iconic dome structure of Al Wasl Dome - a visual marvel represented as a 130m diameter by 70m tall dome structure which hosts the opening and closing ceremonies and 173 special events and spectacular functions throughout the 6-month celebration of Expo.

With a total of 252 Christie 40k lumen projectors covering a surface over 25,000m2 across  a 27,000 x 6,000 pixel canvas, the Al Wasl dome represents the world’s largest and most complex projection surface to date.

Bild was integral in the installation of the Al Was Dome and was commissioned back in 2019 by Creative Technology Mid-East to produce complex feasibility studies, technical analytics and the creative content pipelines allowing artists to bring the huge dome structure to life. Working directly for the team at Expo Bild later created an even more advanced pipeline, allowing artists to work with various 3D, 2D and real-time processes in paralllel, while automatically ensuring that the media servers received the correctly formatted video assets. We are proud to say that anyone creating content for the dome today is using the efficient workflows Bild produced.

System Integrators and initial client: Creative Technology Middle East
Final content pipelines commisioned by: Expo 2020 Dubai