McLaren Artura Launch
2021, UK

The most recent launch from McLaren introduced the McLaren Technology Centre to the world and revealed their brand new hybrid high performance supercar; the McLaren Artura. 

With the architecture of the Centre itself being the main source of inspiration, the creative concept was based around curved lines where the LED screen arrangement and emotive lighting created a circular zoetrope-inspired stage.Delivering the technical planning and onsite execution of the launch, Bild worked closely alongside creative director Ben Kreukniet and advertising agency Media Monks. To support their creative vision Bild managed all technical aspects for the creative focal point, including real-time content management, LED screen engineering, lighting integration and orchestrating the control equipment needed to create the stunning visual result.

Using Notch to create the real-time content, the Notch environment was rendered and mapped in disguise, giving flexibility to move the content around the space and reveal not only the car, but the environment within too. The virtual lighting within the Notch scene also simulated the corresponding physical light sources in the space used for illuminating the physical car, adding another dimension to the 2D content.

Technical Engineering: Bild Studios
End Client: McLaren
Creative Director - Ben Kreukniet
Production Agency: MediaMonks
Video & Lighting Supply: PRG

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