Toruk, Cirque de Soleil
2015, US Tour

Toruk is the touring production by Cirque du Soleil - inspired by James Cameron's film Avatar, but the story is taking place thousands of years before the movie and before any humans visited the world of Pandora.

Working directly for Cirque de Soleil, in collaboration with Normal Studios, Solotech and d3 Technologies, Bild designed the d3 media server and projection solution; a huge task involving millimeter-precise mapping of 40 projectors (mapped up in 3.5h at every new venue), shaping the content workflow utilising scanned 3D surfaces, structured the content management of terabytes of video files, and engineerd the Blacktrax-tracking of actors and moving projection-objects.

Client: Cirque de Soleil
Content design by: Normal Studio and 4U2C
Video supplier: Solotech
Video consultants : Bild
Mediaserver: d3