Lady Gaga - Grammys
2016, Los Angeles

Lady Gaga hit the stage for a performance that paid tribute to the late David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. A key feature to the show was the trackable IntelCurie rings Lady Gaga and Nile Rodgers wore during the performance; their 3D positions as well as a number of pre-defined gestures was captured in real-time and produced instant graphics using the visual engine Notch - mapped and played back by d3.

Being the link between the creative and the technical team Bild programmed and operated the show, integrated real-time 3d engine Notch, as well as planned and engineered the disguise media server system.

Client: Prettybird via Studio_XO
Head producer: Mark Logue
Producer: Ulla Winkler
Creative Director: Ruth Hogben
Face mapping by: Nobumichi Asai
Content creators: Chris Pearson and Chris Davenport
Programming & operation by: Bild  
IntelCurie d3 integration coding: Joss Gray
Technical mangement by: Troy Fujimura
Video supplier: VER with d3 Systems Engineer Stephan Hambsch
Mediaserver: d3
Real-time plugin: Notch