Expo 2020 - Broadcast AR
Closing Ceremony
2022, Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020 ended with a stunning closing ceremony in the venue we almost call 'home'; the Al Wasl Dome - the centerpiece venue of Dubai Expo.

Bild produced the broadcast AR utlilising for 6 tracked cameras all at 4k, distributed around the 130 x 130 dome volume. Bild also provided the full technical solution, including disguise gx2c servers, running Notch,Stype camera tracking and the full technical infrastructure.

Client: FiveCurrents
AR Notch content creation: Bild Studios 
Technical consultancy  Bild Studios
Hardware supply: Bild Studios
Media server: disguise gx2c 
Camera Tracking: Stype and XD Motion
Network and tracking monitoring: Stage Precision
Executive Producer: David Bajt
Senior Producer: Lauren Rogers
Production Coordinator: Christina Souris 
Technical Director: Jamie Sunter 
Technical Manager: Matt Villis
Creative Lead: Lewis Kyle White
Notch Artist: Marco Martignone
Notch Artist: Harrison Mead
Notch Artist: Lewis Baily 
disguise operator A: Andy Coates
disguise operator B: Krzysztof Grabowski
System Engineer: Magnus Lewren
System Engineer: Adam Baston
Stype Engineer: Matko Borsic
Stype Engineer: Ivan Cajic